Finding God In Autism And Other Special Needs

Finding God In Autism is a book and website to help parents and caregivers that have children with autism or other special needs. We need all the help that we can get in raising our children. It is my prayer and my desire that this website will restore some hope, inspire you and make you think about putting God in the equation as you go about finding answers to heal your child.

Take some time and see the different things on this site. Maybe your child has the same diagnosis as my son, or maybe he/she has cerebral palsy, adhd, cancer, a learning disability or was in a bad accident. This site is filled with real life stories of people overcoming something difficult. This is not just a site about autism. There are testimonials of God showing up in peoples lives and doing a miracle. Stories that have nothing to do with autism. If you are a parent who needs hope, you have come to the right place!

If you are seeking information about who God is, or who his son Jesus'll find answers to those question on this site too. I have added some great books and unique gifts to the site lately. There is a "Spiritual Growth" tab on the navigation bar that is loaded with ways to help you grow in your walk with the Lord.

The Finding God In Autism Book

Finding God In Autism is a book of Biblical resources to help you as a parent raising your special child. From mild to aggressive and challenging behavior you can have peace, hope and strength. Your toughest questions will be answered in this book. Done in a devotional style it is an easy read that will inspire you. You will learn that support is available...not only from friends and family but...from God as well.

Some of us are blessed to have support from our family and friends. Others are not.

Some family and friends understand what it is like to raise a child who has special needs. Some family and friends don't understand but we know that they are trying to. Regardless of the help that we may or may not have, we need to know how God is leading us on our journey. If we don't have the family and friends encouraging us it is even more important to get the understanding and help from God.

You have to know that you are not alone on your journey. This is a site that will help and encourage all parents. I promise that the book, Finding God In Autism will give you the encouragement and tools that you need.

Are You Questioning Where God Is?

Are you questioning what God's plan is? Are you looking for encouragement? I searched the book shelves for help and found none that answered where God was in raising my child. I want to share with you the answers that I have learned on my journey.

If you are questioning where God is while raising a child who has any kind of special needs, then this book is for you. I count it a privilege to share the answers that I have learned while raising our son. Yes, God wants to be a part of the

team that it takes to support us in raising our children. Let's not leave God out of the equation.

Answers For You

Now you can have the answers that I have found. The questions that I so DESPERATELY sought answers to, just to survive, are in my book: FINDING GOD IN AUTISM.

This is a book with Biblical answers, truths and encouragement. I will show you where God is in raising your child. This is the book that I was looking for a few years back.

If your child does not have autism, do not turn away. Just replace the word autism with whatever you are dealing with and you be personally uplifted and blessed and strengthened.

Some Things The Book Finding God In Autism Will Teach You

How to know that God is hearing your every prayer.

How to fix your eyes on not what we see but what is unseen.

Learn what God wants and expects from you.

Learn who God is, what His different names are and why they are important to you.

Learn what to do if your weary, angry, confused and losing hope.

Learn why having faith alone is pointless.

Learn what it means when God is silent.


I have compiled my Bible study notes, my journals, sermon notes and answers that I sought from different pastors into this book. I put it in an easy to read format. Every answer is backed with Biblical Scriptures to help us raise our children.

Finally, a book to give YOU the tools to get you through your day and you won't be leaving God out of the picture. This book will teach you so much and I worked hard at keeping the price affordable so everyone can get a copy. The Finding God In Autism book makes a GREAT gift too! This book is only $9.99

50% of the people that buy the book FINDING GOD IN AUTISM, come back and buy one for a friend. Why? Because when you get right with God, help with autism comes. And when people's lives get better, they pay it forward.

Here Is A Song To Life Your Spirit

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