You will see complete info about KDE Neon later here. Thanks in your concern, re-instralling it from a backup as we converse. I will edit this actual post#four, with the benchmark, and I suppose I must reinstall a bit from my Ubuntu-Gnome partition – No worries. Pleased to assist.

KDE neon starts you off with the necessities. You have got a web browser (Firefox), a text editor (KWrite), a video participant (VLC), and never a lot else. This isn’t a desktop that can create spreadsheets and set up your music library out of the box. For some folks, that’s an inconvenience. Personally, I favor this method. It saves me from having to uninstall all of the software that I do not need.

The international free software neighborhood KDE announced the launch of a KDE-branded laptop on Thursday referred to as the KDE Slimbook Constructed for KDE followers throughout the globe, … Read More