The awards are part of the recognition of the existence of individuals or groups. The award was a need, then any human being or community in getting acknowledged in any form, formal or not, will feel their inner needs are met. The award was received in the form of at least a thank you.

Parents often give rewards in the form of a gift to the child excels, birthdays or other events. Awards in the simple form is intended to maintain the achievements, encourage and perpetuate the positive things. With the award-old man, believed to be the behavior of children remain on track and useful for the good of others.

In a community, organization or village awards are often given to certain members or citizens for kindness, devotion or innovation that is passed. With this award is expected to motivate and inspire members or other citizens. Thus we hope more parties who do good and exemplary.

In this context, rewards Crystal Trophies granted by Governments to the various components that have participated in the development of the city is positive, regardless of whether the award was granted selectively or not. For civil award of this award can be interpreted as a thank you to the citizens of the leader leads.

Crystal plaques trophies or other forms should continue to be cultivated, given our society increasingly accustomed to appreciate and thank you for the dedication and work of others. Our society rarely praised the achievements of others, on the contrary, more often criticize or beg mediocre.

Therefore, in order to revive the noble character, it’s time we get used to the award to others in the forms that we may do. Because the most important significance of this award is that we support each other, strengthen.

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