Fun Bible Trivia

Here are 25 fun bible trivia questions. There is a link at the bottom to get the answers. Feel free to print this page out and ask your friends the questions!

Let The Trivia Begin!

1.) What was King Solomon's throne made of?

A. Silver and gold B. Ivory and gold C. Silver, gold and precious gems

2.) Samson set the tails of 300 animals on fire and then let the animals loose in a Philistine's grain field. What kind of animals tail was set to fire?

A. Sheep B. Pigs C. Foxes

3.) The bible references what animal more than any other animal in the bible?

A. Birds B. Sheep C. Pigs

4.) How much did the iron point on Goliath's spear weight?

A. 15 pounds B. 18 pounds C. 20 pounds

5.) Samson once killed what kind of lion with his bare hands?

A. A bear B. A Tiger C. A Lion

6.) God told Abraham that he would make his descendants as numerous as what?

A. The stars in the sky and as the sand on the seashore B. The stars in the sky C. The sand on the seashore

7.) Joash became a king at what age?

A. 7 B. 17 C. 27

8.) What was Luke's occupation?

A. A doctor B. A Lawyer C. A Fisherman

9.) Noah's son Shem was how old when the flood came?

A. 78 B. 88 C. 98

10.) Paul had a set prayer time every day. What time of day was his prayer time?

A. 2 o'clock B. 3 o'clock C. 4 o'clock

11.) What did Moses throw into the water to make it sweet?

A. A tree B. A rock C. His staff

12.) What was Jesus's first recorded miracle?

A. He made a blind man able to see B. He made a lame man able to walk C. He changed water into wine

13.) People use to lay sick people in the streets so that Paul's shadow could heal them.

A. True B. False

14.) Jesus said we could move mountains if our faith was as big as what kind of seed?

A. A grape seed B. A mustard seed C. An apple seed

15.) What is frequently associated with appearances of God in the Bible?

A. Thunder B. Fire C. Lightning

16.) Aaron had a staff that did what?

A. Sprout blossoms and almonds B. Sprout leaves and grapes C. Sprout leaves and figs

17.) Job's wife thought he had bad breath.

A. True B. False

18.) What did David win when he defeated Goliath?

A. A wife B. A house C. A pile of gold

19.) Two sounds made the walls of Jericho fall. What were they?

A. Crying and horns B. Praise and cannon fire C. Trumpets and a shout

20.) Jephthah and the Gileadites guarded a spot of land by asking Ephraimites to say "Shibboleth." What happened if they couldn't say it correctly?

A. They had to hand over all of their money B. They were killed C. They were not allowed to pass through

5 Bonus Fun Bible Trivia Questions:

21.) Ecclesiastes tells us that riches cause what?

A. Insomnia B. A good time C. Happiness

22.) King Josiah provided sheep, goats and cows from his own livestock for one Passover celebration. He provided 3,000 cows. How many sheep and goats did he provide?

A. 10,000 B. 20,000 of C. 30,000

23.) After the resurrection, Jesus stayed on earth for how long?

A. 3 days B. 40 days C. 77 days

24.) Saul, David, Solomon and Joash all reigned as kings for how many years?

A. 25 years B. 40 years C. 50 years

25.) How old was Adam when he died?

A. 890 years old B. 900 years old C. 930 years old

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